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Waterloo Tree Trimming

tree trimming in progress

One of our main, year-round services is tree trimming. Our team follows the seasonal patterns closely to monitor when is the best time to give your tree or bush a hair cut. We strongly believe in tree trimming and pruning because it stimulates growth and new development. Our professional arborists are trained for the special needs of maple trees, douglas fir, willow trees, birch trees, spruce trees, oak trees, and other kinds which gives us a unique advantage over other tree companies. We know the exact date that’s best for pruning for each kind of tree.

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Tree Diseases

There are many tree diseases and pests that can attack our green areas. One of our services is a pest control and disease removal at an affordable price. We also believe that pruning trees during seasonal patterns can help reduce the chances of getting weather-dependent pests or diseases. In the case that your tree does suffer from a disease, our team can trim away the rotten parts to maintain the healthy core and encourage it to keep growing. We love trees and want to see the properties in Waterloo lined with beautiful ones.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Do you own a commercial area lined with trees and need a company to conduct seasonal pruning and maintenance? The Waterloo Tree Service Pros is just the company for you. Besides single-tree care, we offer commercial tree services as well. Our arborists will run a diagnostic of the trees on your property and present a seasonal pruning and maintenance plan for you. That way, we work in automatic and you need not remember when to call us again or if your trees are due for another hair cut. Giving your trees a pruning will encourage growth and make your commercial area more beautiful.

Seasonal Trimming

Whether you have one tree on your property or a thousand, we highly recommend you practice seasonal trimming. There is no job that is too big or too small for us, we will always get the job done. Giving your trees seasonal trimmings is one of the easiest and best ways to ensure it continues a healthy growth pattern. Pruning unwanted branches concentrate the tree’s energy on the core branches making them stronger and helping them grow faster. Our company offers seasonal pruning services so you don’t have to remember to give your tree a haircut every time spring comes around.

Bush Trimming

Besides being tree specialists, our arborists are also experts in shrubs and bushes. If you have bushes on your property, give us a call to see how we can help you. We offer a variety of services to meet all our customers’ needs and bush trimming is one of them. Keeping your bushes trim helps improve their aesthetic value and also helps keep unwanted critters and pests away. An untended bush can grow beyond its area into other parts of your property and become a weed. Pruning your bushes makes sure you keep them where you like them, and that they always look great. Dial (319)-346-3331 to get free estimates.