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Waterloo Tree Service

tree expert working on tree trimming

The Waterloo Tree Service Pros offers tree services year-round to make sure your trees are in the best condition. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you are interested in promoting tree growth through seasonal trimming or are worried your trees have gotten a disease, we have the solution. Our team of professional arborists has a broad knowledge of all tree types and the best ways to maintain them in good condition throughout the seasons. Give us a call and converse with us about how we can help you. Call (319)-346-3331 for free estimates.

Seasonal Trimming

If you have a couple trees on your property and would like to see them grow more, seasonal trimming is an excellent way to boost their growth. Seasonal trimming and branch pruning stimulates core growth and takes away unnecessary branches that suck up the energy of the core trunk. Our professional arborists know the special needs of every single kind of tree in the area. We know when the best time to trim is and how far to go. With our team, you won’t be worried that your tree got too short of a haircut!

Disease Control

Like animals and humans, trees can fall ill too. There are many tree diseases and unique tree pests in the area, and the varieties have been increasing with changing weather patterns. If you’ve noticed anything from rotting bark, to strange blemishes on leaves, your tree may have a disease. Give us a call! We’ll come over to inspect your tree and test to see whether it’s a disease or a common, natural growth pattern. In case of disease and pests, our arborists will conduct a thorough cleaning and pest removal service to make sure your trees are healthy.

Emergency Services

Our Waterloo tree service includes emergency tree attention when you need it. Old trees can sometimes get uprooted during harsh storms. We know how worrisome it is to see a large tree swaying above your home, not knowing when it will snap. Give us a call in these situations to prevent a disaster. Our emergency tree team is trained to act swiftly and cautiously, always taking precautionary measures to protect the safety of everyone around. We will also do our best to conserve your tree so that it is not a complete loss. In emergency situations, you must act quickly and we’re the team that’s ready to go.

Professional Arborists

One of our most important services is offered by our professional tree arborists. Our tree arborists have been working with trees for years and have the experience needed to take on any situation. Their knowledge of trees is unparalleled. If you have some trees on your property you want to take care of, whether you’re growing seeds, removing stumps, or giving seasonal maintenance, our tree arborists will guide you with their expert knowledge on tree types, seasons, and the Waterloo area weather patterns. Our tree arborists are like personal doctors for your trees! Dial (319)-346-3331 to get free quotes and estimates.