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Waterloo Tree Doctor and Tree Disease

healthy trees after treatment

Like any living thing, trees can get sick, too. Think of us as your personal, on-call tree doctors. There are a few times we’ve been stumped by a sick tree or disease we couldn’t fix. Our professional arborists have years of experience behind them which gives them the knowledge they need to be able to identify almost all pests and diseases that can attack trees and shrubs. Our arborists will find solutions that are unique to the type of tree you have to cure it as quickly as possible. Dial (319)-346-3331 for free estimates.

Waterloo Tree Doctor

Have you noticed strange bumps on the leaves of your trees? Or have you noticed your tree bark is covered with white moss? There is a possibility that your tree might have a disease. Don’t know how to treat it? Or aren’t sure what the marks are? Click on our Contact Page to get in touch with us. We’ll send over an arborist from our team to check out your trees and figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes, the bumps and white moss can be perfectly normal. Other times, they’re a sign of a disease or pest. Our doctors will figure out what’s the case and recommend the best actions.

Tree Diseases

Tree diseases are common and part of the natural life cycle. Some tree diseases can be deadly and end the life of your tree. Others are not as harmful and may even coexist with your tree. Depending on the kind of disease your tree has, and the type of tree you have, there are different courses of action. In severe cases, it might be best to cut down your tree to prevent the disease from spreading to other plants. Other times, spreading the area with pesticides can be enough.

Pest Control

Besides diseases, trees can also attract insects and small rodents that can quickly become pests. Having a bird's nest in your tree branches is cute and enjoyable. Having rats’ nests among the tree roots is not. If you think your tree is suffering from an infestation of pests, whether its insects or small rodents, give us a call. We’re experts in figuring out whether the pests are seasonal and will go away with changing weather patterns or whether there is more severe action to take. In either way, our pest control tree service is one you can rely on.


Like any doctor, our Waterloo tree doctors believe that prevention is the best medicine. To us, that means maintaining your trees healthy throughout the season to keep pests, diseases, and even weak branches at bay. One of the easiest and best ways to maintain your trees healthily is by fertilizing them during the seasons to promote growth and encourage the trees to develop a strong core. Dial (319)-346-3331 for free quotes.

Our team offers to fertilize services for every kind of tree and an affordable price. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, give us a call. You will talk directly with one of our team members (no automated machines!).