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Waterloo Tree Cutting

tree cutting in progress

At Waterloo Tree Service Pros we offer a variety of tree services to fit your needs. Tree cutting is one of our most popular services as it is both affordable and important to maintaining your trees in good shape. After years of working with residents and commercial business owners in the Waterloo area, we are ready to take on the challenges of your trees. Our team has the tools and expertise needed to offer an impeccable cutting service. Reach us by dialing (319)-346-3331 to get free quotes!

Decorative Tree Shaping

Having a beautiful yard is important, especially if you like to spend time outside. Get ready for the warm months by cutting your trees and prepping them for the spring and summer seasons. Our team has years of experience cutting and pruning trees into beautiful shapes for your garden and special events. We offer a variety of pruning shapes including traditional bush boxes and triangles. If you are looking to spice your day up, we can also offer more creative pruning shapes. Work with us to give us ideas about your dream hedge shape and we’ll cut our way into it!!


Our team of professional arborists is trained in tree maintenance and garden design to help you create the landscape of your dreams in your back yard. We’ve been working on residential and commercial projects for years and have experience making landscapes of all kinds and sizes. Whether you’re interested in a fruit garden and want to grow some lemon and apple trees, or are interested in an evergreen garden and want to grow spruce and pine trees, we can guide you. Our arborists know the best sun/shade patterns and fertilizer recommendations for each species of tree and we’ll help you shape your garden up in no time.

Seasonal Tree Cutting

One of the most popular services we offer is seasonal tree cutting. There are certain seasons, especially the autumn when winds pick up and can endanger the health of your trees and the safety of your community. During the windy and cold seasons, it is important to monitor the trees in your community to make sure there are no swaying branches that could fall and cause an accident. In these seasons, we are especially prepared for cutting and emergency tree removal services to prevent accidents and keep you safe. These seasonal tree cuttings make sure that trees grow in intonation with the community and are kept healthy.

Tree Maintenance

It is important to monitor the trees on your property throughout the season to make sure they are as healthy as possible. Our team of professional arborists knows exactly the kind of fertilizer needed for each tree kind, including but not limited to cedar trees, oak trees, willow trees, etc. Fertilizing and cutting trees on a seasonal basis helps keeps pests and diseases at bay and encourages healthy growth for your trees. Our team offers cutting services that are appropriate for the season so that you can enjoy your trees for years to come.

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