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Our Services

tree expert working on bush trimming

At Waterloo Tree Service Pros our objective is to protect trees and the ecosystem around us while keeping our community safe. That means that we take special care of every tree to make sure it can live a healthy life. It also means that when we see a tree that has passed its days, we will take it down as carefully as possible so as to not hurt the environment around it or put anyone in danger. Tree cutting is not an easy business and it can go wrong quickly and unexpectedly. At Waterloo Tree Service Pros, we follow the strictest safety precautions to prevent any casualties and anticipate problems. We are a tree cutting service you can trust at an affordable price. As tree experts, we manage all kinds of trees including maple trees, apple trees, redwoods, palm trees, and others. We can help you prune trees and make sure they are not in the way of cables. We also offer emergency tree pruning in case a storm hits. This is a list of our main services:

We offer these services in the following locations:

If you need tree services in Waterloo IA, we are the company for you. After years in the business helping homeowners and commercial business owners in the area, there is no one more prepared than us to take on the job. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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